About Us

Helping to restore The American Dream through innovation and technology:

Katmandu is a leading full service coloration and apparel company located in Southern California. We use a “Green” technology called Kinetic Colorization™ a very advanced form of dye sublimation to colorize fabrics. This process offers our customers the ability to have exceptional color, without negatively impacting the environment.    

It’s not commonly known, but the traditional fabric colorization process uses millions of gallons of water and myriad chemicals, including plastisol inks, acids, salts and other toxins which are released into to our eco system. Katmandu’s colorized fabrics meet the highest environmentally friendly standards while being used for apparel, home décor, POP signage, and many military applications.  

Katmandu believes it is our responsibility to give back and create awareness. In our own small way would like to help bring jobs back to the United States and the Western Hemisphere. We do short runs, custom runs and long runs of custom color in California not China, India, Pakistan or Viet Nam. Our unique process is done through environmentally friendly technology.  

Katmandu offers its customers the highest quality fabrics and innovative new coloring possibilities.  We have developed a unique ability to colorize textiles with different colors or patterns on alternate sides of one piece of fabric, offering our customers a whole new range of product possibilities.   

We have the ability to transfer up to 8 meters a minute of fabric or 480 meters of fabric per hour single sided color and 300 meters double sided per hour.