Katmandu is bringing to the market Kinetic Colorization´┐Ż which dyes with little bottles of aqueous based green dye not millions of gallons of water and harmful chemicals. Small runs or large runs, custom or solids, double sided or wet dye effect.


Welcome to Katmandu

Katmandu utilizes a proprietary advanced form of dye sublimation (Kinetic Coloring™) to produce roll-to-roll, roll-to-piece or piece-to-piece colorized fabric. We produce wet dye effects on polyester, poly-cotton blends, poly-Lycra, nylons, nylon-lycra, VELCRO®, webbing and zippers with a process that uses virtually no water. We also have the unique ability to color fabric on both sides (two different colors or color and print). 

This green technology offers our customers world class color, without negatively impacting the environment. All of our fabrics are colorized at our Kinetic Coloring plant located in Southern California. Our colorized fabrics meet the highest performance standards and are used for apparel, home decor, POP signage, and many military applications.